Why Does My Light Bulb Keep Burning Out?

When you flip the light switch you expect the room to be instantly illuminated. However, sometimes, flipping the switch leads to a burnt out light bulb. All light bulbs have an expected lifetime but if you are replacing your bulbs what seems like every week or every couple of weeks, there is a bigger problem at hand.

Learning the cause of the trouble is imperative because it can be a serious problem that leads to a fire in the home. Repairing damage can also be a major expense for any household. A house fire can cause significant damage to the home and to everyone inside. The worry and wonder also stressed one out fairly quickly. If you replace the light bulbs more often than you should, the following information is useful.

Lifetime Expectancy

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An incandescent lightbulb has an average lifetime of 1000 hours while LED bulbs last 10,000 wattage hours. Other bulbs offer their own life expectancies. If your bulb has been in the home for three- six months, it’s likely time to be replaced. Before this timeframe, however, is a sign of something more serious.

Causes of Light Bulb Burn Out

Your lightbulbs may burn out too frequently because there is a loose connection or it is improperly wired, due to lack of voltage to support the bulb, damaged bulbs, or other electrical problems that need professional attention. It is best that an electrician determine the source of trouble and make a thorough repair.

Schedule an Inspection

When light bulbs burn out more often than they should, scheduling residential electrical inspections gastonia is probably a good idea so you can get to the cause of trouble and get things fixed before further damage occurs. It is a far better option than the alternative!