Francia Raísa Addresses Claim She Was "Forced" to Donate Kidney to Selena Gomez

Francia Raisa Wasn't "Forced" to Donate Her Kidney to Selena Gomez

The heart wants what it wants—and Francia Raisa knew hers wanted to help Selena Gomez.

Francia Raísa Addresses Claim She Was "Forced" to Donate Kidney to Selena Gomez

Back in 2017, the How I Met Your Father actress donated one of her kidneys to the pop star as she battled lupus, an autoimmune and inflammatory disease that can cause organ failure. While the transplant was a success, rumors that the two had a falling out surfaced last year when Selena referred to Taylor Swift as her "only friend in the industry."

The internet then went wild with speculation that Francia hadn't actually volunteered to donate her kidney, but that she was rather put in an awkward position to save Selena.

So, what's the truth? "I've said this before, but that was a time where I just felt it in my heart," Francia said on the Aug. 1 episode of the Good Guys podcast. "No one forced me to do anything."

The 35-year-old continued, "It came out of the genuine kindness of my heart, and I've been super blessed ever since."

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As for her rumored feud with Selena, Francia bluntly said, "There's no beef." 

Still, the Grown-ish alum admitted that "never in my life did I picture" a kidney donation would cause such a stir and eventually become internet fodder.


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This was not the first time Francia spoke about what led her to donate a kidney to Selena. "When I found out I was a match, it wasn't in the way I'd expected," she told Self in 2018. "One day I got a phone call from Selena, a FaceTime, and she's like: ‘You're a match!'"

At the time, Francia said she was "angry" that someone broke the news to Selena before she did. "I had a way that I wanted to tell her when I made the decision," she explained. "I knew it was going to happen, I just needed that time."

Last month, Selena paid tribute to Francia on her birthday, calling the star a "special human being" in an Instagram post.

The 31-year-old added, "No matter where life takes us, I love you."

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