Kelly Ripa's Trainer Anna Kaiser Invites You Inside Her Fun Workouts With Daughter Lola Consuelos

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When it comes to her love of fitness, Lola Consuelos gets it from her mama, Kelly Ripa—with a healthy assist from the morning show host's longtime trainer Anna Kaiser

"I've know Lola since she was 7," Anna told E! News of the 22-year-old in an exclusive interview. "And it's been fun to see her journey with fitness."

A decade-and-a-half into her mom's fitness journey with the founder of Anna Kaiser Studios, Consuelos has also made Anna's unique brand of high intensity dance interval training a six-day-a-week practice.

"Now she really loves it and understands how different she feels after she has a good workout," explained Anna. "And how it's so integral to her life."

Because much like her devoted mom, who never uses a packed schedule of LIVE with Kelly and Mark tapings, podcasting and other work commitments as a reason to skip a session, the "Divine Timing" singer understands the value of staying ready so you never have to get ready. 

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"When you are as busy as many of the women that I work with, if you stay consistent in your workout, you never feel like you have to double down or you have to diet before an event or  experience extreme fitness or dieting, because it's a part of your life," Anna noted of their sessions, which has them working up an intense sweat as they shift from strength training to dance choreography. (Think: high-intensity interval training, but swap the dreaded burpees and mountain climbers for dance moves.) "And you're always ready for whatever comes your way."

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Not to mention that Anna's sessions with the mother-daughter duo sound every bit as entertaining as Kelly's morning show. 

"They'll pick on each other and joke around and laugh," Anna described. "It's really fun." With just a dash of playful ribbing.

"Sometimes Lola will go, 'Mom! Really?'" added Anna. "And Kelly's like, 'Come on, let's go a little harder!' And, you know, Lola's just starting out in her fitness journey. So the dynamic between the two of them is very cute."

And possibly just a wee bit competitive? "They have very different tastes in music and different dance styles," noted Anna. "So we have a minute for each of them to shine and the other one will jump in with whatever style that person's focused on."

Even when it's just Kelly grooving in her New York City studio, Anna said their time together is more enjoyable than the average workout. 

"Because we've known each other for so long, we can really be ourselves together," explained Anna. "I think that's rare for many women, to be in a space where you feel comfortable enough with someone to get angry, to get excited, to scream, to cry, to sing." 

So, yes, the trainer has been known to "break out singing along with a song," she admitted. "Or you can say, 'I hate this playlist.' It should be the space where you can just let it all go. And that's your hour where you can do that. And it's wonderful to be in a place with someone where that's possible."

Kelly Ripa's Trainer Anna Kaiser Invites You Inside Her Fun Workouts With Daughter Lola Consuelos

And while Kelly's journey with Anna is 14-plus years in the making, those that are curious about the routines she's used with her and other clients like Shakira and Alicia Keys can try it at home. 

With her Anna Kaiser Studios Virtual program, users get all the dance-based workout fun without any of the guesswork. "I was finding that all virtual programs that I went on were just a library of workouts," explained Anna, "and they all kind of felt the same, and no one knew where to start."

So instead, she offers users 10 workouts—five are pre-recorded, five they can join live and actually Zoom into her space—and has them pick four each week: a high-intensity interval training workout, dance intervals, power up and sculpt. "I wanted to create a curated weekly workout series to know exactly what to do and it changes every week," Anna noted. "I'm not asking the consumer to guess and put workouts together."

And for those looking for a bit of extra credit, the pro laid out her go-to moves for achieving your best body ever. 

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